Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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Hello pretty people! I need your help now! Please kindly support me by vote my photo here: Salut Mickey . I am really need you to vote me until November 2, 2014. Thank you for your kindness pretty people :).

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Salut Mickey!

I just bought these beanie last month (when breakfasting). I knew that i gonna fallin in love with it, yeah i love these beanie!. I was imagine the style that i could mix it with the beanie. Even, my parents said in joke "How you bought those beanie, you are like teenagers". I was only laughed and thought these beanie is cool and cute at the same time. Wish i can seen more cute one (so lol).

Actually, i more love mickey character than minnie, mickey is the first cartoon character that i watched when i was a kid. Well, put on some cartoon character into your clothes/style isn't bad thing or wrong or not mature. You can wear and mix it with your own way devoid make yourself look like a kid. 

Beanies - H&M // Turtleneck - Vintage // Sleeve top/ Dress - Kei & Kori // Jacket - Owned by dad // Necklace - H&M // Rings - F21 + H&M // Clutch - H&M SG // Sneakers - Ezra by Zalora

More pose from me!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Slight Swaggy

New outfit post in the end of July, I know, i don't posting many my personal style this month, i just joining study for short semester so i don't have a time for take some my outfit photos. Then, since this month is Ramadhan or holy month, i always help my mother to prepare the food for breakfasting after i get back from college. That why i keep busy doing another things and little bit forget about blogging (only posting about review app and tresemme contest).

Well. let's continue about my "slight swaggy" style.The reason i call these style like that is i love the dancers style. I like to combine it for my daily street style. The style isn't too much take a time and i feel so energic when i wear it. In addtion, i just following my mood to wear casual sport but still give the bold statement into my style. Last, thank you to my friend, Rona for took these photos :).

Hat-Owned by dad // Crop tee-H&M // Jeans-Forever 21 // Shirt-Unbranded // Ring-H&M + Forever 21 // Necklace-Borrow from friend // Clucth-Berrybenka // Shoes-Ezra by Zalora

The new corner in my shoes collection!