Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Definition of Fashion

I define fashion is how you create your own style and represent your personality into personal style. Fashion isn't always you have to buy famous branded or expensive stuff. The point of fashion is creative, dare to be different and confident. You can wear anything you want it. You can also mix match you old stuff with the new one or borrow from your mom , dad stuff. For me, fashion is how you treat yourself as good enough, like your wonderland. That's why i love fashion, i feel confident, i don't feel be nerd anymore, it help me to figure out my passion.

Next, I rarely buy some expensive stuff except the bag and shoes, it can wear more than twice which is very useful stuff. If i want to buy something, i'll prepare the budget then make the list and calculate it, if it will go to far from my budget , i gonna cut my list or buy the local brand which it can offer more cheap price and also good quality. Don't get wrong about the local brand or unbranded clothes, sometimes the quality is same good like quality of famous brand. I think you should start buy new one from local brand :).

Anyway, don't force yourself to follow every trend. The trend isn't always make it for you, i mean the trend is not successful for everybody. In case, if you still confuse to make your own style, you can search in fashion web (such as chictopia, lookbook, what i wear , and etc), international fashion blogger (song of style, garry pepper, fashion squad and etc) or local fashion blogger (hippie gone mad, brown platform and etc) , online magazine. After that, don't waste your time! Let's make your own style fab people!.



Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Tips - Part 1

Here is some tips to make your April month will cheerful. I like to say wear something more colour but do not too much bold colour ( if you don't want get attention). You can wear pink dust jumpsuit with flower blazer or maybe short pants and etc. Another tips is don't spend much money if the item isn't really useful or just can wear once/twice. I mean you can buy the item under idr 500.000 and get fashionable style. Now, i will show some item which you can mix match with another item, you can also wear them more than twice and don't forget it is under idr 500.000. Don't worry if you want to wear twice in one day, just change the accessories and shoes, it will make you have two different style.

Style One

Short Sleeve Dress - Zara
idr 499,900

Platform sneakers - H&M
idr 349,900

Saddle bag - H&M
idr 249,900

Stripe print foulard scarve - Pull and Bear
idr 269,900

Style Two

Lyocell dress - H&M

Sandals - H&M
idr 349,900

Metal & thread braided chain necklace - Bershka
idr 159,900

Blue stone rings set - Bershka
idr 119,900

Shopper bag - Pull and Bear
idr 269,900

You can pick style one or style two as the reference. I don't suggest to you  must buy all the item, you can buy it as long as according to your budget or maybe you have different idea for your outfit, it is okay :). See ya next tips!
*note : picture from each brand web

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fashion Rush 2014 by Her World Magazine

Left : The winner and Right : Favorite team

First, thank you so much my friend Nisa! She told me to joined styling contest in Fashion Rush 2014 by Her World magazine.. In one team be composed by two people. I decided my friend Rona became my partner. They gave 20 minutes for us to mix match the clothes. After that, we should said about the theme and explain it. We called our theme "Edgy Fabolous". The theme was represent the woman who has boyish characther but in the same time, she wanted to look feminime. The inspiration came from street style, fashion blogger and people around us. Almost forgot, Zalora became the sponsor for the clothes. 

Well, we wish we can win , maybe next time. Then, i am happy that i have new experience about styling competition. I think , i gonna search next competition (after graduation, amin). See y next post! Cheers.

Megan lace top - Po Bangkok
Flower pants - Zara
Ring - Forever 21
Loafer shoes - Yongki Komaladi

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pink Plaid Shirt

I took these photos last Friday with my friend Rona in Menteng Park. The sun was burning my face and my hand. Although, I felt hot and sweaty, I assumed I am still a little look fashionable, lol. The shirt bought by my mother in my second semester of college. I wore the shirt for once in every week, other than that I love the color (thank you mom bought it :-D). I did not remember exactly when and where my mother bought the shirt. I knew , the shirt was vintage but it still in good condition anyway.

Plaid shirt - vintage
Indigo jeans - Forever 21
Bracelet & ring - Forever 21
Dream catcher - Forgot where i bought it (hehe)
Snapback - Owned by dad
Bag - Stardivarius
Shoes - New look