Saturday, February 14, 2015

Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 - Mazda Young Vibrant Show

Hi pretty people and my blog! After two weeks, I'm back posting my blog again (so sorry blog). I'm having freelance job now, making me always busy to take care of it. Then, this is my photography when I attended to Jakarta Fashion Week 2015, which is last year. It would become my late-postpone posting about Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. Here is some photo of fashion show:

alex [a] lexa

Hunting Fields

Hartono Gan

photographer: Zsazsa SJ

Monday, February 2, 2015

Tips & Trick : Style For A Week (Indonesia Fashion Week Newsletter- November 2014)

Hello! As my promise to posting my article in Indonesia Fashion Week newsletter. Here is my article about styling outfit for a week. I apologize for late post but I hope you would enjoying my tips.
Indonesian usually like to wear casual style for their daily activity. The definition of casual style is simple. chic and fashionable. Based on it, they loves shopping something new either clothes or another fashion item. However, sometimes the reason they always want to buy something new because they think the clothes that they already have it, it is not good enough for mix match. They confuse how to make new style from their old clothes. Well, we don't have to buy new one if we can do maximize our old clothes become many new style. 

Fashionista, here the tips how to make fab 15 style for a week :

1. Choose the top 5 clothes from your wardorbe, think the item you can mix match a lot. If you want to combine new one item with old clothes, it is fine.

2. Prepare the accessories such as bag, bracelet, necklace, ring or hat. Don't forget prepare the shoes too.

3. Start to mix match the top 5 clothes with accessories and shoes that you already picked.

4. Change the accessories and shoes or your outwear everytime you do mix match. It can be give a different style.

5. Take a photo with  your smartphone or digital camera, so you can see and choose the style for everyday.

6. Don't put on a lot of accessories, if you don't want to get attention.

7. Put on the natural make up or bright lipstick for make you look more vibrant. Note: only you feel confidence for it.

8. Let's do it now, fashionista!


The top 5 clothes for these mix match is :

1. White Shirt  
2. Navy Cardigan
3. Jeans Jacket
4. Jeans pants
5. Dress

Monday, January 19, 2015

Tips & Trick: Fashion Blogger in Indonesia Fashion Week Newsletter

First, thank you so much to Indonesia Fashion Week for let me be one of contributor in their lastest newsletter. It's such an honor for me and I feel grateful about it. I wish I can be one of their contributor again (amin). I have a funny story behind of my article, I wrote and took the picture of mix match when I was working my deadline final paper. But I didn't feel that it would be distract my deadline final paper work. I had already felt bored doing my final paper work, so wrote the article about mix match made my mind was fresh in that time.

Next, I wrote about " How to make 15 style from top 5 pieces of clothes for a week". As you can see the photo above the paragraph or you can visit their twitter link : Indonesia Fashion Week Newsletter . I will write the article for my next post as soon and I'll also upload all the style. See you! :)